Drone Racing is Basically Mario Kart on Steroids

All it took was one 3-minute video, but I am now completely, totally, 10,000 percent convinced that drone racing is everything that I’ve ever wanted out of life, and it’ll be the exact thing that results in the MASSIVE boom of both the consumer drone and virtual reality markets in 2016 and beyond.

Here’s the thing: Drone racing is so new and rough around the edges, but it’s also excruciatingly obvious that this sport is perfectly designed for the 21st century consumer. It’s got all of the positive aspects of NASCAR and Formula 1 racing (high speeds and crashes), but you don’t have to sit around for hours waiting for something to happen or for the damn thing to finish. And best of all—especially for kids of all ages who enjoyed the occasional jaunt around the Mario Kart circuit—watching the sport, and even participating in it, feels very much like watching or playing a video game.

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